Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rock Review: Smokey Quartz

Today’s gem, Smokey Quartz, gained a some popularity over the past year as it has been used to compliment the many grays and neutral tones we are finding in our closets these days. Smokey Quartz, as all Quartz, is a silicon dioxide crystal that forms over time as oxygen and silica based solutions that are present in the earth combine together. The dark gray/brown tones in Smokey Quartz are a result of “free silicon” by product of the chemical reaction that then colors the stone through irradiation.
Quartz is the second most prevalent mineral (Feldspar is first) in the world and is found in many sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks. It can be found in widely known stones such as Granite, Rhyolite, Obsidian, and Sandstone. Some special varieties of Smokey Quartz are Morion and Cairngorm. Morion is the name for a color of Smokey Quartz that has a rich, even, glassy black appearance. Cairngorm is found in the Cairngorm mountains of Scotland and has a smokey yellow/brown or gray/brown color and is a popular trademark of traditional Scottish jewelry.
Many people prize quartz as mystical stone that possesses healing powers. Smokey Quartz in particular is believed to be useful in healing ailments of the abdomen, kidneys, pancreas, hips and legs. It also is useful for pain relief, particularly for headaches, muscle aches and nerve pain. Many varieties of quartz are also used to bring clarity to dreams, secure a peaceful sleep and instill a sense of well being.
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