Friday, July 15, 2011

Rock Review: Seraphinite

Today’s gem , Seraphinite or Clinochlore, is a single source gem, coming to us from Baikal Lake in Eastern Siberia! It is name comes from the word Seraph (winged angel) found in the Bible, because of its feathery patterns that show well when the stone is polished. It is a mottled grey to dark green in color due to the presence of Chlorite and has silvery flecks of Mica that show chatoyancy, which is similar to the sheen that comes from silk. It registers between 2 to 4 on Mohs scale of hardness.
This pretty rock is fairly new to the world, since it was reportedly discovered only about one hundred and twenty years ago by Russian mineralogist Nikolay Kolsharov. Other sources debate that it was not actually discovered until 1947. In any case, by geologic standards this is a recent discovery. Western markets did not have frequent access to the gem until the 1970s.
In the metaphysical realm, Seraphinite is believed to strengthen chakras and enhance healing. It also aids in disease recovery by bringing the physical body back into balance. Some healers also think it to be useful in contacting Angels and increasing awareness of the divine. For care and maintenance at home, owners can use the same “rules” that are generally used for care of pearls. Avoid chemicals, solvents, abrasive cleaning tools and heat. Stick to a gentle warm water and soap solution and pat dry with a soft cloth.

A lovely Seraphinite Bracelet by Layne

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