Sunday, July 26, 2009

New work from Spot On Designs

As the jeweler and setter for glass murrini artist, Penny Rakov, I create handmade settings to fit beautiful glass pattern slices. The murrini of Spot on Designs (by Penny Rakov) is carefully and painstakingly crafted to create a miniature world of detail and wonder. It is pulled by hand in a hot glass shop using traditional hot glass technique. The work and detail achieved is on a different level entirely from lampworked glass which is more commonly seen in jewelry. These patterns are thoroughly considered in terms of color, composition and complexity. They are then set in sterling silver and 14k gold. The final result is a quality, standout piece of jewelry that will last a lifetime.
Here is an album of our latest work:
Penny's Latest Photos

Here is Spot on at Etsy:
Spot on

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Caring for your jewelry

It's a little known fact that you can clean your silver jewelry perfectly with a simple solution called Tarnex available at most hardware/home improvement stores. Tarnex smells bad and is too harsh of a chemical to be used around pearls, amber and other soft organic jewelry materials. However it does not effect harder gemstones like topaz, garnet, etc...,
Simply pour a little tarnex in a glass container, dip the silver jewelry in and rinse with water. the tarnish should be removed instantly. For a deep clean, brush with toothbrush and soapy water after Tarnex.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Here Goes

It's finally here.
The long awaited blog from Layne Deigns.