Thursday, September 23, 2010


(metalsmith version)
-Layne Freedline

think think thud
think think thud
I’ve got soul, but I’m not a soldier…
(it’s my best hammering song)
think think thud,
think think thud.
I’ve got soul, but
there is no clock
in my studio.
If my shoulder found out
that I had been hammering
for two hours
I think it would quit
by way of yelling and storming out.

think think thud
think think thud.
This is the easy part.
It’s getting late.
I’ve worked through
the intensity of miniature construction
torch in hand,
steady, straight, even, still
the heat builds in the body of the metal
creating connections,
a breath away from destruction,
over heating,
melting down.

think think thud
the day is a memory
Lazer like concentration
carried the little lovelies
through grinding, sanding,
A wheel rushing round
over 3000 rpm
horsepower ringing in my ears.
keep your corners crisp
Eagle eye,
keep your hands steady,
Don’t let go.
friction builds with screaming heat
the tiny stuff
gets hotter faster
It sticks around.

Tough, get back to it toughy
think think thud
think think bling.
A swing and a miss
Here she goes.
That’s enough.
A burn or a cut
wont shut me down,
but a missed swing
a knick in my anvil
That really does it.

Go to sleep my whirring machines.
The hand in handmade
is not as tireless as you.
I will recharge
and return
with spirited concentration.