Monday, November 22, 2010

Droid Review

I am not the first to get very excited about any new-fangled technology device, but something incredible happened, and I had to share it.
Yes, I am rockin a new DroidX thanks to my mother in law who took a look at my old pitiful phone, and just couldn't stand it. She got me a new phone, and a good phone that will last more than a day out of warrantee.
To tell you the truth, I thought that this phone was a little too big. It wasn't my first pick for looks, but I was planning on getting a phone compatible with squareup--a credit card merchant device for small business to automatically get authorization on credit cards. I can't wait until that get hooked up, but I'm getting ahead of myself.
I kept saying, "all i want to do is make phone calls." I'm sure you've thought the same thing. Unless you are one of the proud few who have discovered how fabulous it is to have a really smart phone. The latest Droid is fast. Very fast. and to make it faster, I installed "swype" an app that allows you to type a word by drawing a path between the letters on the keyboard, rather than tapping each letter individually. Swype is changing my phone experience completely. Between slow internet and slow typing on a glitchy touchscreen, e-mails didn't seem possible on my old phone. Now, I am writing e-mails, messages, notes to my self, notes in my google calendar and more.
That's not even the greatest part. When the voice command button is pressed, I can tell it to do anything! It goes way beyond the simple "call mom" responds impressively to commands like"navigate to...," "map of..."I get instant google searches for anything i say, and the prefix "note to self" sends my every word to my e-mail inbox.
Because the Droid is powered by google, every g-application is top notch. Gmail, for instance, is very easy to get to, fast, well organized, and because of my "swype" revolution in typing, easy to use.
Ironically, I tried to use the droid to post this, but for some reason I couldn't get the keyboard to appear in the text body block for blogspot. Lol, so I guess it falls short somewhere, but if you have any ideas for fixing that problem, I'd love to hear them :)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wordless Wednesday!
Brand-New Series Unveiled:
"Brandy Bracelet" Line by LayneDesigns

These new interchangeable pieces can be worn as either a bracelet or pendant. The best of both worlds!