Monday, July 19, 2010

Grateful and Thriving

Everything seems to be bubbling over with life and energy today. I have a notoriously never-ending to-do list, and I think that nothing could be better. I have learned to be very steady in my thinking, even when things seem out of control. I have also learned to FORGET about all of my business when I'm not working. I come home excited about my day and the things that were made and sold, but then I push it from my mind to enjoy a little solace from the hustle and bustle of being a one woman business owner, designer, fabricator, saleslady and shop mechanic.
A fellow artist once told me how privileged she felt to be able to make things for a living. In the middle of listing how many thing I had to do, I realized that she was right, and I should be grateful or get out of the business. It isn't so much the perks like getting to make your own hours that make this work a privilege. Inevitably, if you are working for yourself, you work more than 40-50 hours in a week anyhow. What is so great is the very tangible and literal satisfaction that an artist has in their work. Not only do we get to see physical results of our labor, but even better. We get to make every decision about the outcome. Our work is truly ours, very satisfying. That feeling of exhaustion at the end of a long day feels so good when you loved the making and the things that you made.
Enjoy your making, friends :) and tell me why you are grateful for it.


  1. I love that perspective! Excellent reminder. Thank you!

  2. Layne, this is why you are an awesome person. :D

    I love that when you make something, you can feel it in your muscles. Whether you're digging around outside making FOOD come out of the earth, or huddled over a torch, hammering by a forge or sewing your fingers off - you feel it in your muscles, your bones - just like people did hundreds of years ago. For me, making things, and that connection, verges on a sort of spirituality. And I'm not getting all crazy sentimental! I speak truthiness. :)