Thursday, August 11, 2011

Trend Watch: Fall 2011 Color Palette

By: Erica Delp

Even though the sun is still blazing, it’s time to think of chillier days that are just around the corner, and of course the updated looks we’ll all don in anticipation of autumn winds and frosty windows. Retailers are already showcasing their new autumn looks and treating shoppers to a myriad of modern classics. Those in the fashion world know that THE industry voice when it comes to fashion forward colors is the Pantone Fashion Color Report. So what can fashionistas expect to see on the runway and in display windows for this fall 2011 fashion season?

Pantone, like other fashion reviews, features several colors that I like to think of as falling within the “vineyard” color scheme. You can expect to see deep burgundy, dark purples, calming sage, tones of teal and mustard on a back drop of rich neutrals in the brown family. A perfect match for the wholesome harvest vibe of autumn! For a splash of bright color, some oranges and pinks will make an appearance in sherbet tones, adding an element of fun and surprise to the tone of sophistication that is otherwise prevalent in the season's palette.

A perfect way to freshen up your look for fall is through accessorizing. Most ladies have some lovely brown pieces in shades of chocolate or mocha already in their wardrobe. Consider using these staples as a canvas for your jewelry and a few selective items of clothing in trendy colors. Jewelry especially can be used to make an outfit “pop”, so be sure to choose eye catching focal pieces that you’ll wear often mixed and matched in a variety of ways. Think of items you could easily transition from a day on the job to a weekend wine tasting or a coffee date with a girlfriend. With a few simple style updates, your everyday look can be transformed into a work of art!

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