Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Art of Making: Seashells

By: Erica Delp

When you are a jewelry artist, it’s easy to sometimes develop a pattern of stone + metal = jewelry. This combination, of course, has exponential creative potential for any number of designs. However, it’s still important, as an artist, to challenge one’s self to think outside the box. One reason that Layne Designs works primarily in these two staple materials of the jewelry trade is to ensure that we are creating durable jewelry that will last for generations. Sometimes we find an interesting new material to use that lives up to our criteria.

On recent trips to the beach, Layne and I discovered some fabulous shells that were just destined for a second life as jewelry objects. I visited the Outer Banks of North Carolina shortly after the hurricane. One of the only nice outcomes of a tropical storm is the abundance of ocean oddities that are readily available on shore soon after. I was astounded by the piles of shells that washed up all week long at low and high tide on Kill Devil Hills Beach. A whole section of the beach was literally covered with broken bits of sea polished shells. I was lucky enough to come away with some great finds. Layne visited Ocean City Maryland. On her trip she found tiny sand dollars, and shell slices.

We’ve been inspired to think about ways to incorporate some of these pieces into Layne Designs Jewelry. A few of our new Saturn Bracelet toppers have seashell accents. We’re hoping to experiment soon with some new looks in pendants as well. Visit the Layne Designs website in the coming weeks to see where creativity takes us!

Check out these cute seashell accented mini Saturn Bracelets below by Layne Designs!

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