Monday, September 12, 2011

Trend Watch: Cocktail Rings

By: Erica Delp

One hot new trend popping up all over the web and retail stores this fall is focal stone cocktail ring. They have also made an appearance this year on the hands of plenty of celebrities like Glee’s Lea Michelle and Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks. Both these actresses and many others showed off their rocks at award ceremonies this year, and now the trend seems to be catching on off the red carpet as well.

What is it?

The focal stone cocktail ring features a large cut stone of usually five or more carats that is often surrounded by a decorative design or tiny accent stones. Some popular gems for this style are both lavender and green Amethyst, Citrine, Topaz, and many colors of Quartz such as lemon, smoky and rose. The Gems are almost always faceted.A few favorite cuts for this style are round and cushion cuts.

How to Wear it:

To wear this trend best, choose a stone that really speaks to you and will compliment your day to day activities. Don’t worry too much about coordinating with your wardrobe. Contrasting your outfit will actually allow your ring to be the superstar of your look. If you must match something, think instead about complimenting your own physical features. Do you have green eyes? Green Amethyst will bring attention to their lovely shade just about any time you raise your hand to your head or shoulders. Are you a brunette? A deep brown Topaz will highlight your glossy locks. For those looking for a versatile ring, colorless Quartz would be an ideal “one size fits all” choice for any activity, outfit or occasion.

Also, dare to move away from the ring finger. In photos, you’ll see this look being worn just as often on the index and middle finger as it is on the faithful fourth. Changing the finger that you wear this style on will add visual interest to your look and also let you keep on wearing sentimental or wedding jewelry in their normal place on your hand. Keep in mind you may need buy a size or two larger from your normal ring size when shopping for middle and index fingers.

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Cocktail Rings by Layne Designs in varieties of Quartz and Amethyst

Cocktail Ring by Layne Designs in Quartz and Turquoise

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