Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rock Review: Porcelain Jasper

Porcelain Jasper is a particularly beautiful variety of Jasper that can be identified by it’s unique swirl and orb like patterns of purple to deep red streaks on a creamy beige palette. No two stones are alike in pattern and color. It is composed of Chalcedony and gains its attractive colors from the presence of iron and aluminum. One of the special characteristics of Porcelain Jasper is its ability to take a very high shine polish, leaving it with a liquid appearance when fashioned into a bead or cabochon. It will cause admirers to wonder if they are beholding ceramic or stone, since it has such a perfectly finished appearance in its end result.
Although Porcelain Jasper can be found in a variety of places around the world, with large quantizes coming from Mexico and Madagascar, there is a particularly special variety called Willow Creek Porcelain Jasper that resides in Idaho. In this location, the gem is found in a special type of rock called a “thunder egg” (similar to a geode) that is created when hot lava flows over a sedimentary rhyolite rock bed. The result is a softball sized very ordinary looking rock that contains a sweet gem surprise on the inside! One Native American legend states that thunder eggs came to be when the Gods of two mountains became angry with each other and began to hurl rocks that landed on the surrounding mountainside and valleys below.
Eastern cultures have valued Jaspers as a symbol of the mysteries of life. Some people believe Jasper jewelry to be useful in building relationships with superiors and colleagues at work. This makes it a fun “out of the box” gift option for clients, bosses and coworkers. It certainly trumps a fruit basket or a pen set! Whether you are looking for a fine piece of Porcelain Jasper to boost your career or inspire you to ponder the mysteries of life, you’ll find some lovely ready to wear options by Layne Designs below.

Orbits Necklace in Porcelain Jasper by Layne Designs

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  1. I have never seen porcelain jasper before. this is fabulous!!!